Wine rosè


Rose of San Cataldo is a rosé of Aglianico with an elegant connotation but at the same time strongly recalls the scents and colors of our territory and its history. At the foot of the hills of the Murgia rises Masseria San Cataldo from which our first wine was named.

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Red wine


From the vineyard to the bottle we care that everything respects nature and man, we are the first consumers of our wine and we want to drink as healthily as possible. The 4uattrosorelle is the expression of the territory in a glass, strong and intense, it brings with it the aromas of summer murgia and the smell of autumn fog.

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Poggiorsini - Apulia


Pepe’s farm business boasts of an old familiar tradition of growers. Its geographical position, in Poggiorsini’s territory on the border with Vulture plain, give it excellent naturalistic and pedoclimatic features. The idea of pursuing high quality productions, according to its own past, moves Pepe family towards this new project.

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Historical building


From 2018 in the evocative setting of the family building dating back to the mid-1800s a tasting room was born, located on the main street of the town, offering an experience accessible to all designed to make wine lovers appreciate the many facets of our products.

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